#454 • Glenlivet Single Cask 19 years Delnabo

Glenlivet Delnabo 19

51.3% alc./vol.
Glenlivet Distillery, Ballindalloch, Speyside, Scotland

Glenlivet has the pleasant habit of bringing us a good Single Cask Special Edition exclusive in Canada approximately every year.

This is the 2015 edition, called "Delnabo" in honor of an old distillery of the same name. It was founded in 1830 to be bought soon after by George Smith. He closed it and turned it into a farm when the construction of his distillery Glenlivet was completed in 1858.

This Single Cask, aged 19, comes from the #125995 drum and has been bottled on the 06 / 07 / 2015.

As the saying so well Cardinal Léger to his maid:

Luxury is a habit that contracts easily.

Yellow tinged with a slightly cloudy sepia.

Honey and pears, drops of dew and berries. Caramel and vanilla. The typical barley Glenlivet is more discreet for the benefit of the other elements. Alcohol is almost invisible at this stage.

Avalanche of fresh fruit in a thick syrup. Oak, apples and pears, wild spices. Leather tip at the end.

Spices and alcohol levels transport us for a long time on a dry oak board.

Another good shot of Glenlivet in this new era of whiskeys too expensive for their lack of mention of age. Well, he's not given it either, but even a tick below Tomnabat Hill is a solid screeching traffic jam.


#453 • SMWS 29.165 Laphroaig 20 years

SMWS 29.165 Laphroaig 29 years

57.4% alc./vol.
Laphroaig Distillery, Port Ellen, Islay, Scotland

"Cigar-smoking, perfumed nurse".

Another bottling of the SMWS we are presented here with this excellent Laphroaig of 20 years of age, bearing the words "A perfumed nurse who smokes a cigar" ...

It was distilled on 4 April 1995 and aged in ex-bourbon casks, for a rendering of 214 bottles.

If you do not know the SMWS you can continue reading. If you want to immediately go to the consumption of the criticism of this bottle, please skip the next two paragraphs.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society , or SMWS , is the largest whisky club in the world, with more XNUMX XNUMX members spread across XNUMX countries. With their roots in the UK, they are so extensive that they can afford to buy whisky casks and bottle them for sale exclusively to their members.

Always single casks, bottled cask strength without any mention of the distillery, their expressions are always highly praised and worshipped. Although the percentage of alcohol and the age of the whisky are indicated on the mysterious bottle, no mention of the distillery of origin is found there. The only clue to its origin is in the form of a cryptic code that cannot be deciphered until one has access to the appropriate legend.

As the American politician said so well William Shippen, sr (1712-1801) said so well:

Of course, money does not buy health, but you can at least offer you pretty nurses to bring it back.

Chardonnay of bourbon casks.

Fruity peat, citrus and vanilla, lemon, grass and damp earth. Dressings and ashes. Grabbing.

Peat, salt and lemon. Oak and hot spices. Citrus fruits continue the party with vanilla, smoke and salt return.

Curiously sweet for a peated at this degree of alcohol. The peat is a little less to make room for salt and lemon.

A dram in beauty, a Laphroaig that could even be described as epic. I will bring back Patrick order and put this traffic jam in the category " Rhapsody Because, for many reasons that we will not list here, S & M is unfortunately a clumsy example of symphonic metal.


#452 • W. First Special Reserve

W First Special Reserve

40% alc./vol.
W.Premiers, Barcelona, ​​Spain

We visit here a little drunk a little fucked. We know that it comes from Spain, it says a Blended Whiskey Exceptionally, but rumor has it that it would be a mixture of 70% of questionable blended scotch and 30% of Canadian whiskey probably equally doubtful.

Too much to be in the dubious, the only information that I could glean on the web about this bottling come from Czech or Hungarian shady websites, which require the use of Google to see that their price per bottle of 208 Czech crowns equals 12 Canadian dollars.

Thanks to Pat who found out I do not know which travel store this sample is.

As the American director, photographer, screenwriter and producer put it so well Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) said so well:

Sometimes we think we're running a shit and it's a masterpiece. Sometimes we think we're running a shit, and it's a shit.

Amber malt very general.

Alcohol wave in front of a blast of latte coffee and white chocolate. Still good. A little vanilla and caramel, nothing to shit on the floor.

Very tasteless and one-dimensional texture. Walnut, vanilla and caramel. Chocolate-hazelnut. Curiously reminds me of the kinds of marbled imitations of European Nutella.

Quite short, little spice, little cereal, much too much sugar.

I do not really know how they came up with this unusual result, but it almost looks like it's not really a whiskey, much like the After Dark Indian.


#451 • Glen Garioch Virgin Oak

Glen Garioch Virgin Oak

48% alc./vol.
Glen Garioch Distillery, Oldmeldrum, Highlands, Scotland

A little Glen Geery to continue the momentum? In any case, that's how you pronounce the highlander Glen Garioch.

In this case, Glen Garioch used to ripen American white oak barrels that have never been used before, hence the name "virgin" oak. It's a bit fashionable these days to use such barrels, hoping to impart a stronger flavor to these malts. Unfortunately it does not lend itself to all expressions ...

As the Italian pacifist and patriotic journalist of Unity, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 1907, so aptly put it, Ernesto Teodoro Moneta (1833-1918) said so well:

If a man changes his wife, it is in order to find in the new a blank ear for his stories.

Amber almost brown adorned with delicate legs. Good alcohol despite the fact that the influence of the bole is difficult to discern with the naked eye.

All in all, not unpleasant. Cereals, apples, dry oak, spices, with a hint of vanilla to represent well the origin of its barrel.

Sweet honey, fruit in syrup, some salted caramel, grilled malt. Definitely a nice surprise after a nose that did not promise the stars.

Of a good length, it leaves us on a mixture of sweet dark chocolate with the orange and Cheerios with honey and walnuts.

It may be far from other Glen Garioch, but it's still a small single malt that defends well. Better in any case than his cousin Auchentoshan under such conditions.


#450 • Poit Dhubh 12 years old

Poit Dhubh 12 years old

43% alc./vol.
Pràban na Linne, Eilean Iarmain, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Today a little p'tit blend from the same gang that provides us with a tops of quality / price in SAQ (Té Bheag), the equally unpronounceable Poit Dhubh 12 years.

In fact it is pronounced "Potch Goo" ...

Poit Dhubh in Gaelic means "Black Pot", a name that was given to illegal stills at the time. In Scotland, illicit pot stills are traditionally seen as the source of some of the world's most acclaimed whiskeys. This 12 aged is a blend aged in sherry casks, a question of balancing a little peat light that is found there.

As said so well my good chummy the Cardinal Léger (1904-1991) said so often to his maid:

Workers wearing oversized pullovers should pay attention to machines; those who wear very tight sweaters must pay attention to the machinists.

A darker strand than the 8 years, but seems less cloudy.

Sweet, sweet and fruity. This cloud of quasi-sherry hides a peaty side very shy and puny. The cereals are set back and offer a less festive atmosphere.

Texture more syrupy and sweet but also less tasty. Candied fruits, honey, spices and wood. Little or no smoke.

A slender goose leaves the scene with woody spices. The little peat seemed disturbing but in the end we do not miss it. A little more complexity would not be too much cons.

Better than the 8 years, but again its price is not worth the effort. There are too many exceptional single malts under the 100 $ bar on the market to pay too much attention to this blend.


#449 • Singleton Dufftown Reserve Collection Unit

Singleton of Dufftown Unit

40% alc./vol.
Dufftown Whiskey Distillery, Dufftown, Banffshire, Scotland.

Today's bottling comes from a small Speyside village that houses no less than six (6) Scotch distilleries, Dufftown. Outraged Balvenie, Glenfiddich, Kininvie, Glendulan and Mortlachwe find the homonym distillery Dufftown.

The latter, in addition to producing for blends Bell's, bottling a range of single malts including among others 12, 15 and 18 years, under the name Singleton of Dufftown.

As the French mathematician said so well Adrien-Marie Legendre (1752-1833) said so well:

Happiness is sometimes like the beautiful world, it arrives late.

Visually bold texture with a generous amber hue.

Grass and fruits diluted in a glass bottom of rose water. Vanilla and pear with some dried barley.

Bland and transparent texture in the mouth. Diluted taste of fruit salad, melon and toffee. Good flavors overall, but could have been more frank.

Short and bland on notes of wood, cherry and spices.

Not bad, but far too embarrassed. Maybe the flavors would have drilled a bit more at a higher alcohol level.